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Who We Are

Nemat Inc. is a leader in process redesign, process management and performance improvement. Nemat Inc. brings state of the art problem solving methods with extensive background in manufacturing and service industries. In most cases, our applications achieve a payback within four months or less. 

Our approach brings clients the structure, professional support, and specialized tools needed to achieve successful process outcomes.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients with the most sophisticated applications in lean manufacturing and design for manufacture to obtain immediate results. We are committed to bringing the most current expertise required to identify, develop, and implement improvement projects.
Our Vision

To create a more productive manufacturing system to enable companies to increase the highest level of value added activities possible. We seek to achieve this outcome by reducing non-value added activities in the production system without disruption of company culture and management objectives.


Our Approach

We work closely with each client to understand the challenges they face. During our evaluation, we learn the company’s management style, its culture, and constraints. We provide each client the essential information they need to make a sound judgment on the best way to conduct change in the company. We pride ourselves in our ability to maximize the success of each project while reducing risk and capital expenditures.
Our results are guaranteed. If we are unable to achieve the specified results, you are not obligated to pay.


Our Methodology

We apply the following tools to achieve our outcomes:
• Just In Time Manufacturing; Single Piece Flow, Pull Systems, Kanban, Cellular Manufacturing, Point of Use Warehousing, etc.
• Reduced Set Up and Cycle Time
• Visual Factory/Industrial Housekeeping (5S System)
• Problem Solving Techniques
• Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Techniques
• Team oriented development and implementation
• ISO 9000 documentation
• Office and plant layout designs

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