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TV Mighty Mount

Worlds Best Flat Screen Mounting System
Less Parts - Highest Integrity - Easy Installation

Mighty Mount is the only TV Mount in the market that has a “Side to Side” adjustment feature to exactly locate your television to the desired spot on the wall. There are 3 options for Mighty Mount, Small for TV’s up to 37”, Medium for TV’s 40” to 60”, and Large for TV’s up to 90” plus. Full-color instructions with photographs are provided. The easiest and most simple installation of a TV mount you’ll ever have.


The Mighty Mount offers an ideal system for expanding your home entertainment options without sacrificing living space. The Mighty Mount uses a simple miter connection to attach the TV to the wall bracket. This method of interlocking parts is already used in many other applications that require secure, strong connections. Its unique design with simple instructions makes it easy and safe to install. You can slide the TV to the desired location without having the weight of the TV on your arms and shoulders. In addition, the efficiency of this design allows the TV to be placed only 1 ¼” away from the wall.

Using American precision engineering, manufacturing and materials the Mighty Mount is machined from strong and lightweight extruded high-strength aluminum which is then anodized. Custom anodized colors are available upon request. In addition to its simplicity of installation, the unique miter design also allows for the mounting of a wide range of television sizes including the new, very large TVs.

The 3 options are as shown:

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