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Vacuum Coating Equip. Manufacturing

We are a United States designer and manufacturer of components, assemblies, small chambers, and systems for companies utilizing Vacuum Coating technology.


We have the expertise, engineering, processes, and innovation required to rapidly develop and manufacture state of the art Vacuum Coating equipment.


We design and  manufacture systems using specification from prints developed in the USA, Germany, Japan, and other parts of the world, both in SI and Metric systems.


We have the relationships required to provide successful turnkey projects with substantial cost savings by utilizing other suppliers.


We have been providing these value-added services to top fortune 100 companies in Semi-Conductor, Glass Coating, Web Coating and other industries.

Manufacturing Services

• CNC Milling & Turning • Large Capacity CNC Milling and Turning • Automated CNC Drilling & Milling • CNC Horizontal Milling • CNC Tube Bending • Center-less Grinding • Conventional Milling • Conventional Turning


• Laser and Water-Jet Cutting • Stamping & Forming • Fabrication • Welding (TIG, MIG, Vacuum) • Helium Leak Testing • Hydro-Static Pressure Leak Testing • Grit Blasting • Anodizing • Plating • Powder Coating • Galvanizing • Electro-Mechanical Assembly and Integration • Testing for Electro-Mechanical Assemblies


Swirl Finish Development:

Nemat Inc., has developed a technology to reduce Debris build up and popping.  This technology has increased run time and reduced number of vents per year.

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