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Kaizen Blitz

Improve an operation by over 50% to 80% in 3 weeks.

The objective of a Kaizen Blitz event is to facilitate, train, and assist members of your organization in implementing lean manufacturing practices in order to eliminate waste and improve product quality, availability, and profitability. This process starts with a mandate to improve a selected area process by over 50%.

The steps involved in a Kaizen Blitz event are:

1. Initial Analysis of Process

We will start the project with analysis of the process which includes:

   • Blitz area selection
   • Team selection
   • Development of a contract and a mandate
   • Videotaping the entire process
We will work with key members of your staff to select up to 15 people from operations and support groups to participate full time in the Kaizen Blitz event. The contract is an empowerment statement from management to the Kaizen Blitz team. ?The mandate is an aggressive yet achievable goal for the team. The videotape will be used during the Kaizen Blitz event for process analysis and brainstorming.

2. Kaizen Blitz Event:

The Kaizen Blitz event itself will take 5 to 8 full days. All participants will be attending the event full time 8 hours per day Activities include:

   • Full day of training
   • Process analysis &, baseline measurement
   • Video brainstorming
   • Development & implementation of new processes
   • Formal presentation of the Blitz process and accomplishment

Disruption to production during the changes is minimal due to planning implementations either during production down time or by implementing a parallel line where possible.

3. Follow Up:

A member of our staff will remain behind for 5 to 10 days after the Blitz to work with the Blitz team and assure smooth transition from Blitz to routine operation. Our staff member will work with the Blitz team in the Blitz area full time to:

   • Debug the process
   • Assure timely completion of all remaining action items
   • Assure the new process is institutionalized

Our last Six Kaizen Blitzes have resulted in process improvements of 50 to 80%.


Our execution of Kaizen Blitzes has resulted in process improvements of 50% to 80% our methodology is to work with different teams from our clients operations in to the implementation of projects. We also facilitate workshops and blitz events for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME).

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